The Problem

School ≠ Education ≠ Learning.

The problems with our current school system are many, too many to list in detail. Expensive, poorly matched to the needs of today’s work force, overtly political and hostile to the more traditional half of the population, inefficient, ineffective, horrible for boys, philosophically incoherent, and generally an illustrated example on how Rome fell. They are even demanding to open the gates to the barbarian hoards. The system has been hijacked by people who are either insane, evil, morons, or those who do not understand but still hate America. It’s no longer serving the American people as individuals or families, workers or small corporations, voters, or the world at large by being strong and prosperous. It serves the self-styled elites, transnational mega-corporations, the gliteratti of the media and Hollywood, the bankers, the corrupt, and various puppet-masters around the world. That must change.

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